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Heat and humidity dragged relentlessly into September. In Western Pennsylvania summer seemed determined not to end. And then finally the maples thrust forth their first glorious colors and fall was here – for a few short weeks. It is my … Continue reading

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Writer’s Holiday

Writing must be a disease. I met three deadlines this week and have a weekend free of the hustle and stress of trying to finish a manuscript (or three or four). I could be gardening, painting, or (God forbid) cleaning … Continue reading

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Writing in the Check Out Line

Details enrich writing. Fortunately, they aren’t hard to find. Material is constantly available, ready to be mixed into whatever literary concoction you are working on. Gather characters and images while you stand in line at the grocery store: That sobbing baby who pats his … Continue reading

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Winter Evenings

Dark  winter evenings draw us inexorably inward, just as people used to gather to hear stories around a crackling fire. We may think times have changed but we still crave the warmth and comfort of the metaphorical hearth when the … Continue reading

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Through the Eyes of a Child

Sometimes, we think that children are exposed to so much flashy media stimulus that it is hard to capture their imagination with just books. After a recent preschool visit where I read The Christmas Cats, I passed out bookmarks to … Continue reading

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Ordinary Time

When I was a child, I hated reading in the bulletin that a Sunday was designated as “ordinary time.” It meant there was no special holiday, nothing to celebrate or to look forward to. It is only in the past … Continue reading

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Triage for the Harried and Hurried

Weeks with no downtime. Assignments pile up, deadlines loom. Each day leaves more undone. What to do? Write lists, jot notes, on any available surface. Expound on ideas as time allows. Prioritize. Work in short bursts – even 15 minutes … Continue reading

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Why do writers write or artists paint? Most of us want to create something memorable to leave behind. We would like to feel our lives have made a difference in this vast, wonderful world. Few of us leave giant footprints in the sands … Continue reading

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The Allure of Poetry

I just read a beautiful poem called “The Long Marriage” by Tom Mallouk  in Goodreads October newsletter. It brought tears to my eyes. What is it about poetry that strikes a chord in most of us? Is it the concise juxtaposition … Continue reading

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And the Title is…

Great titles keep leaping out at me from the oddest places this week! I’ve stockpiled eight of them since Monday! They hint at new mysteries, fantasies, fairytales, and picture books. They are like a diving board into a pool of infinite possibilities. Characters … Continue reading

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