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Writing More, Blogging Less

Most writers have full-time jobs as well as writing, emailing, maintaining websites,  blogging, tweeting, pinning, Facebooking, linking, and whatever else social networking throws at us! It’s tough trying to make time for friends and family. It’s harder yet to find any downtime. … Continue reading

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Ordinary Time

When I was a child, I hated reading in the bulletin that a Sunday was designated as “ordinary time.” It meant there was no special holiday, nothing to celebrate or to look forward to. It is only in the past … Continue reading

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Triage for the Harried and Hurried

Weeks with no downtime. Assignments pile up, deadlines loom. Each day leaves more undone. What to do? Write lists, jot notes, on any available surface. Expound on ideas as time allows. Prioritize. Work in short bursts – even 15 minutes … Continue reading

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