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Which Comes First: Plot or Characters?

It is amazing how little it takes to spark the concept for a story or a novel. Sometimes a simple conversation or a news story makes me wonder, what if, and I’m off plotting some new project.  More often, it is a casual meeting with … Continue reading

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I love the term “wordsmith.” It implies a level of expertise and creativity that we, as writers, crave. It means never settling for less than the right word in every sentence. There is more to it than selecting the correct word; it … Continue reading

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Technology and Writing

The first time I submitted a children’s book I had to ask my aunt to type the manuscipt for me. Thank heavens, I got a computer soon after that. I can’t even imagine writing a novel on a typewriter. I tweak my manuscripts … Continue reading

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I am working on three writing projects and reading two books at the same time. My conversational ability has begun to suffer with my mind awash in characters, plots, and settings. If you ask me a question, please excuse my … Continue reading

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Writers and Ivory Towers

Sometimes writers crave isolation – peace and quiet to work undisturbed – but I often find my best insights come from interaction with lots of people and places. While I may secretly long for an ivory tower, it is only … Continue reading

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