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Today is a significant anniversary for me! Exactly one year ago today, Natasha Bardon, editor extraordinaire at HarperCollins UK office, emailed me to say she would be “delighted” to offer me a contract for my adult fantasy, Among Wolves!! Wait, maybe we should back … Continue reading

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More Voyager Valentine Fun!

Please add the following HarperCollins authors to the preceding post and check back for those who are still putting their character’s profiles up. Katherine Harbour (Thorn Jack, 2014, Briar Queen, Jan. 2, 2014) Laura Liddell Nolen (The Ark, 2015) … Continue reading

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Voyager Valentine’s Day Character Dating Contest!

  To enter the Voyager Valentine’s Day Character Dating Contest, read the dating profiles in this entry of 2 characters from my forthcoming novel Among Wolves (HarperCollins UK May 2015) then ‘match’ any one of them with a character from the author blogs … Continue reading

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