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The Writing Process

My stories first emerge on junk mail, paper napkins, the margins of bulletins from church or theater programs. To begin with they are isolated bits of dialogue, plots, description, or the name of a truly awesome character. Then, like puzzle pieces they start to … Continue reading

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Summer Morning

It’s blissfully cool and quiet this morning. There are three pale yellow water lilies in the pond and a green frog, no bigger than a quarter, blinking in the water mint. Overhead, a small red squirrel stuffs his cheeks with mulberries! It’s hard … Continue reading

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Brain Overload

I have too many ideas whirling around in my head! If I live to be a hundred, I will never have time to write all the stories I want to write. The file on my computer, titled “Possible Plots,” just gets bigger and … Continue reading

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When ideas don’t come easily, I simply put words down on paper. It doesn’t matter if I have to delete them moments later. The simple act of writing anything seems to trigger something in my brain and suddenly I am … Continue reading

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They are as magical as anything in Alice in Wonderland – all those little green lights that glide gracefully around the yard and hover among the flowers like fairies! How lucky I am to have firelfies on warm summer nights!

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