Kitty Comforts

When one of our barn cats is hurt or sick, all the rest of the cats gather around it in a big heap. They cuddle and snooze together in a giant, communal, Jedi healing trance. Before long, the injured cat immerges restored and comforted. I was the recipient of equally tender care, when I tripped over a flower pot on my porch recently, banging my knees, wrenching my back and bashing my face into a wicker chair. My two house cats met me at the door, as I dragged myself into the kitchen to fumble for my cell phone to call my husband. The cats were anxiously waiting again when I returned from the emergency room, bruised but unbroken. Both Emma and Abby piled on top of me when I sank into the recliner, never leaving my side all afternoon or evening. I appreciated their gentle warmth and affection and am feeling much better thanks to all that kitty comfort!

About fairysockmother

I am a Harper Voyager, UK author. Among Wolves, the first in an adult fantasy trilogy was released 2015. Grim Tidings followed in 2016 and Before Winter concludes the series in 2017! I have 19 traditionally published children's books including: the Abby and the Book Bunch series and a 2 Readers' Theater series both published through Magic Wagon, a division of the ABDO Group, at My first picture book, "The Christmas Cats" was released by Pelican Publishing in 2011. I have reviewed YA material for VOYA magazine for almost 28 years. Follow me on Twitter as FairySockmother and visit my website:
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