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Which Comes First: Plot or Characters?

It is amazing how little it takes to spark the concept for a story or a novel. Sometimes a simple conversation or a news story makes me wonder, what if, and I’m off plotting some new project.  More often, it is a casual meeting with … Continue reading

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I love the term “wordsmith.” It implies a level of expertise and creativity that we, as writers, crave. It means never settling for less than the right word in every sentence. There is more to it than selecting the correct word; it … Continue reading

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The Writing Process

My stories first emerge on junk mail, paper napkins, the margins of bulletins from church or theater programs. To begin with they are isolated bits of dialogue, plots, description, or the name of a truly awesome character. Then, like puzzle pieces they start to … Continue reading

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A World Filled With Stories

Everyone is a storyteller. Each of us has a tale to tell. All we need is someone who will listen and remember. Some stories are simple every day happenings but others affect us and the people we share them with profoundly.  Make an opportunity … Continue reading

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